Left on the Aught Garage Floor

If you missed it, take a listen to our look at the genre of Aught Garage. And below, enjoy this collection of of some choice bits, hits, thinks, and fun facts that didn't get yapped into the podcast.

"This era of the Black Keys demonstrates element of the Aught Garage sound that I haven’t touched on yet - and that’s the blues influence. Boy, oh, boy do these white dudes love the blues. I’m not a fan of the blues. The musically and lyrically strict structure doesn’t leave a lot of room for surprises. The appeal of blues comes from the authentic pain and passion in the singer’s voice - and I gotta say, Dan Auerbach is pretty damn good at pretending to have that brand of authentic pain and passion."

-JD Ryznar, on the Blues influencing the Black Keys.

"Randy Fitzsimmons is generally thought to be a fictional character. Sort of the Hives’ own Koko Goldstein."

-Steve Huey, on the legend and intregue surrounding the alleged founder and songwriter of The Hives.

"I’ve heard that Simon Labonne’s dad was a billionaire, but Duran Duran still managed to create an original sound. However, Rolling Stone shares your love, calling this the #8 best debut album of all time, ahead of The Cars, and The Clash.

-David Lyons, on his dissapointment that rich kids The Strokes' debut album is highly regarded.

"I feel like I heard this song in a video game, probably Madden. Here’s a fun fact. In the aughts I bought a bunch of John Madden football games and never played more than a handful of actual football games. I just simulated seasons over and over. Because I’m a weird, lonely, socially isolated dude."

-Hunter Stair, correctly identifying Mooney Suzuki's "Alive & Amplified" as appearing in a John Madden branded American Football video game, and incorrectly labeling himself as lonely.

"Hey listen to that harmony! I like it. But the problem with it is that it doesn’t sound new, it sounds like a novelty. Like reverse-David Bowie, like it pushed the boundaries in the wrong direction and ultimately it’s why most of these bands were never heard of after the Strokes decided that being millionaires was better when you didn’t have to do stuff and after Jack White touched a crucifix and retreated to his castle in Nashvillvania… no one else offered anything new after the love was gone, except for the Black Keys, they offered a hell of a deal on a Nissan."

-Hunter Stair, on the inauthenticity of The Go, and the lack of boundary-pushing in Aught Garage.
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