The Call Sheet that Launched a Thousand Tribute Bands

Below is the original call sheet that was sent to the cast and crew of the very first Yacht Rock shoot. The foundation of the entire Yacht Rock aesthetic is right there, still relevant today. ENJOY!

Thanks for volunteering to help out with the awesome Channel101 Pilot “Yacht Rock” on Sunday.

WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT? We’re shooting an intimate music industry gathering featuring a "performance" by "The Doobie Brothers." We’re going to have fun and make it a real party, with real booze (method acting)

WHERE DO I GO? We’re shooting at the Santa Fe Artist Community, Studio D, just southeast of Downtown LA.

(actual address redacted)

Mapquest gives the wrong entrance, so here are proper directions:

(actual directions redacted)

WHEN DO I SHOW UP? Call time for Dave, Hunter, JD, Lane, Rod and sound is 10am.

Call time for everyone else is 12:00pm. We’re going to be shooting until sunset at latest, but hopefully, we’ll get done sooner.

WHAT DO I BRING? Many of you will have down time, so if you have one or more lawn chairs or folding chairs or travel chairs -- bring them along to use yourself and/or share. We’ll be providing some type of food for lunch, sensitive to vegetarians, but you may want to bring snacks. The whole shoot will be outdoors, so you make sure you have sunscreen, though there is shade. We’ll provide water as well as BOOZE (method acting.) Let me know if there's a specific booze you'd like, I'll accomodate if there's popular demand.

WHO SHOULD I BRING? Bring anyone along you like. The more people we have at this party the better, BUT WE REALLY ONLY NEED GIRLS. If you must bring a dude, fine, but if this sound like something some girl you know would like to do all day sunday, please forward this email along and have her contact me so I know how many to expect and can cut off if there are too many.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Getting the period right is important. This is spring of 1978 in Marina Del Rey, and you are music industry professionals and hangers-on. IMAGINE YOU ARE GOING YACHTING, but you’ve got rock and roll money, not uptight white republican money and you LOVE COCAINE. Below are some suggestions on how to dress. BRING EXTRA STUFF! If you have more than one amazing thing, perhaps you can share the wardrobe with others so everyone looks absolutely awesome. I may need spare Barets, bandanas, and captain hats, and big aviator-style sunglasses, so if you have any of these, by all means bring them. AVOID BRIGHT WHITES.

Wardrobe tips:

Men: Tight pants are a must, bellbottoms are great. If you’re going to wear shorts, make sure they’re SHORT. Ringer t-shirts and ¾ length softball jerseys work, as do V-neck sweaters with no shirt underneath. Simple, Earthtone button down shirts are good, Hawaiian shirts are awesome, so long as the colors are muted. Earthtone suit jackets work. If you’ve got dock shoes, wear them. Simple, timeless sneakers are good, too. Sandles are good.

Women: Think Stevie Nicks and Carly Simon, circa '78. If you’re going to wear pants, make sure they’re tight, bellbottoms are great. But if you’re going to wear a skirt, make sure it’s long and flowing. Hippyish sun dresses should work. Ringer t-shirts and ¾ length softball jerseys work, as do v-neck sweaters with no shirt underneath. Blouses are blousy and scarves are good accessories. Bangs were virtually non-existent, hair was mostly pulled off of the forehead, parted down the middle, but if you have bangs, no biggie.

Here’s some inspiration, I’m sure most of you have shit like this in your closet. None of these people are going yachting, but you get the feel for the colors and cuts of the style of the day (notice how ALL the pants are tight and ALL the skirts are long) :

(NOTE: There were 8 links to visual inspiration, six of them are now dead, the following still work)

Approximate Schedule (EXTREMELY subject to flexibility)

10 AM Hunter, Dave, Lane, Rod and sound show up for the alley scene.

12 PM Everyone else arrives. We’ll set up for and shoot the final scene with the band.

3PM – LUNCH and we’re breaking out the booze.

4PM - ??? Party scenes.

After the party scenes, everyone is wrapped except for JD, Hunter and Rod. If there’s still light (and energy) we’ll try to do the songwriting montage stuff.

Okay, gang, that’s about it for now. If you have any questions call me at (redacted) or shoot me an email.


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