Welcome to the Captain's Blog

Hey, we're gonna blog now, so bookmark this and add it to your daily reads. We'll be sharing podcast news, views, current pics of us having fun, and nuggest from the making of the Yacht Rock webshow.


Today, our journey takes a starboard turn, as we begin recording occasional podcasts in front of a live, drinking audience. What started with a fun sesh in San Diego, (released today) we hope to one day bring to the entire world.

The live shows with be dubbed at "Record Club Live!" When you come see us, we'll play a great album from front to back, and comment on each track with our special brand of pop-music insight, reading Wikipedia facts out loud, and terrible improv. The album we choose may be a Yacht Rock classic, or a quintesential work from one of our other well-defined arbitrary genres like Divorcecore, Try-n-Raps, or George Orwave.

The plan right now is to try a series of live shows in Los Angeles to hone our chops and build your hunger to see us in your town. Then, if all goes well, we'll come to your town. Sound fair?

Now here's your Yacht Rock song of the day:

Left on the Studio Floor: BYR #30 RECORD CLUB LIVE! "Celebrate Me Home"