Changes for the Smoother

In addition to adding some live shows to the Beyond Yacht Rock world, we're also making a few other changes that should only improve your lives.

Starting Thursday (8-11), Beyond Yacht Rock will switch to a Thursday release schedule. This is awesome in one big way: you are practically guarunteed (barring extreme technical difficulties) to have our miraculously insightful fun facts blasting into your ear on the Friday commute OF YOUR CHOICE. If that's not gonna inspire you to pull off for a weekend bottle of Reunite, I don't know what will.

Every now and again, we're going to be releasing special episodes earlier in the week. It could be anything - Yacht or Nyacht specials, Interviews with Yacht Rockers and Yacht Rock fans of note, hours-long monologues about ejaculate -- ANYTHING!

Also, Angelinos, free your evenings for August 21st. All four of us will be appearing live on stage for a taping of the podcast Julian Loves Music. It's like our cousin podcast - also about music and funny. More details to come, but God help Julian McCullough. The Improv has never hosted worse improv-ers.

Here's a great Yacht Rock deep cut to cut deep into your Monday blues.


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