Left on the Studio Floor: BYR #30 RECORD CLUB LIVE! "Celebrate Me Home"

In every episode of Beyond Yacht Rock, we tend to over-research and over-write, so a lot of what we prepared winds up on the recording studio floor. Here’s some stuff that never got said from our live look at Kenny Loggins “Celebrate Me Home” in San Diego.

First, here's JD on how the album fits into Yacht Rock:

“I wouldn’t personally consider this a slam dunk Yacht Rock album, but it’s got some interesting stuff from a man who will develop into a very smooth yacht rocker. It’s like watching a porn star’s home movies from when they were a baby. It’s adorable, there’s something special going on, but it doesn’t quite get you horny yet.”

Here's Hunter on Loggins’ contributions to Yacht Rock:

“Well first, he’s Yacht Rock’s only true Rock Star, as he was the only one comfortable enough to embrace that. McDonald, tried a little to be that face, gettin’ his hair did, and having fancy 80s clothes, the shoulder pads and what not, but he looked so painfully awkward… I mean no one really looked great, but Kenny had the confidence to fully go with it.

I also call him the wildcard of YR, Just when you think he’s gonna zig, he zags. Which you’ll hear on this album.

But at his YR core, beyond the vocal acrobatics and his Kermit-growls, his breathy, ethereal vocals are the light breeze on the sail, it keeps you moving, but not too fast. It pushes what can be often-times be a Nyachty sound back into port.”

-Steve didn't get the chance to share this insight on the track “If You Be Wise”:

“This is hippie folkie Loggins getting real breathy and poetic. Listen to his voice caressing those verse lines. This is his vision of artistry, even the line about somebody calling this chick giving her information about the boy on the moon.

Notice that the title is the more poetry-style “If You Be Wise,” but when he sings the chorus it sounds more like ‘If You’ll Be Wise.’ Like he’s hedging his bets a little bit. “I want this to be art, yeah, but I gotta keep it relatable too!”

I feel like his advice is supposed to be derived from the simple wisdom of the common folk, which he is trying to artistically elevate here.”

And David wanted to share this good joke from a good friend:

“I was listening to [the track “Set it Free”] with our friend Tony, and he said that this makes Barry Manilow sound like Cradle of Filth.”

And finally, here's a little song to enjoy to make your Sunday a little smoother:

Changes for the Smoother

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