Show Notes - BYR 33: Bald Metal II - Dial MTV Rock

Show Notes - BYR 33: Bald Metal II - Dial MTV Rock

Intro song: “Seventeen” by Winger (Amazon)

- This was a Stat Track, too
Blockbuster sequels
- The original Bald Metal
- Aqua Net hairspray 


Yacht Rock Bone Throw: “Hold On to Love” by Jon Anderson (Amazon)

- Anderson was the lead singer of Yes
- This song is from 1988! (late-period Yacht Rock)
Album “In the City of Angels” by Jon Anderson
- Album is jam-packed with Toto members (but not this song)
Movie “City of Angels” (Nicolas Cage; written by Wim Wenders)
- Song written by
Lamont Dozier of Holland-Dozier-Holland
- “What Good Is Love” by Bill Champlin
- “Roxann” by Jay Graydon
- Album “Scene 29” by JaR (Jay “Poopin’” Graydon and Randy Goodrum) (“Yacht Rock tones”)
Billy Beer


Bald Metal II: Dial MTV Rock

Example song: “Walkin’ Shoes” by Tora Tora (Amazon)

Bald Metal is lost hair metal. The “Dial MTV” Rock edition is lost hair metal that would’ve been on the “Dial MTV” countdown, but not necessarily the Pop Top 40. Typically in the late 1980s and early ‘90s bands released a hard rock single to lead a new album (to hook the boys), then a power ballad as a follow-up (to hook the girls and, thus, mainstream audiences). This genre celebrates the songs (typically hard rockers) that never quite had chart success, but at least were heard by a devoted few.

- “Dial MTV” is like “Total Request Live”
- Hosted by Adam Curry (hosted “Headbangers Ball” before Riki Rachtman)
Bumpers from a 1990 episode of “Dial MTV”
- “Headed For a Heartbreak” by Winger
- Tora Tora’s blues was influenced by Aerosmith, ZZ Top
- Glam metal (shouldn’t be used to describe hair metal)

10. “Coming of Age” by Damn Yankees (Amazon)

- A Stat Track (Ted Nugent is involved)
- Second single from this album is smash
“High Enough”
- Damn Yankees included Nugent, Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades
- JD’s stupergroup (Hot Weekend): Kevin Cronin, Geddy Lee, Mick Jones, Bun E. Carlos
- Dave’s stupergroup (Unflushable Turd): Eddie Money, Boz Burrell, Billy Squier, Sib Hashian
- Hunter’s stupergroup (No Refunds): Ronnie James Dio, Mani, Greg Ginn, Mickey Hart
- Bad English (another stupergroup; “Forget Me Not”)

9. “Hollywood” by Junkyard (Amazon)

- Sounds suspiciously like “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘N’ Roses
- Brian Baker (guitarist of Junkyard) was founding member of Minor Threat; also in Dag Nasty; also in Danzig; now in Bad Religion
- “Blooze” by Junkyard

8. “Down on Me” by Jackyl (Amazon)

- “The Lumberjack” by Jackyl
- Jackyl played Woodstock ‘94
- Jackyl lead singer Jesse James Dupree has his own line of booze (Cher; The Coward Robert Ford)
Jesse James’ America’s Outlaw Unfiltered Wheat Beer is like Bell’s Oberon
- James is the general manager of Iron Works (Kiefer Sutherland’s label; Lifehouse)
Reality show “Full Throttle Saloon”
- Jackyl has eight studio albums and 13 total albums

7. “Someone Like You” by Bang Tango (Amazon)

- Buzz Aldrin (he’s in Joe Walsh Heaven)
- Bang Tango
singer Joe Leste is beautiful
- Bassist’s name is Kyle Kyle
- Bad Red Hot Chili Peppers ripoff
Documentary “Attack of Life: The Bang Tango Movie”
- A Nambla documentary (“ChickenHawk”)

6. “Up All Night” by Slaughter (Amazon)

- “Fly to the Angels” by Slaughter
- Slaughter was featured in 50 States in 50 Podcasts
- USA’s “Up All Night” B-movie show featuring Gilbert Gottfried and boobs (“Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama”)
Rhonda Shear
- Slaughter was formed by Mark Slaughter; also included Dana Strum (part of Vinnie Vincent Invasion)
- Slaughter’s
favorite food is “Japanese and Mexican”
- Slaughter formed a stupergroup with Gunnar Nelson, Kelly Keagy, Eric Martin (Scrap Metal)


50 States in 50 Podcasts: Indiana
“2300 Jackson Street” by the Jacksons (Amazon)

Other artists from Indiana:
- Axl Rose, David Lee Roth
- The Jacksons
- Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds
- Cole Porter
- Izzy Stradlin
- Shannon Hoon
- Hoagie Carmichael
- John Mellencamp

- Laura Mulvey article
- “2300 Jackson Street” includes 23 Jacksons, except La Toya (who posed nude)
- The Jacksons
were beaten by their father Joe
- Indiana is “The Land of Indians”
- Indiana has the nickname Hoosiers
- Blowjobs are illegal in Indiana
- Gov. Mike Pence (he’s running with Donald Trump)
- Indianapolis was
designed by the same urban planner who helped design Washington, D.C.
- RCA Dome (former Hoosier Dome)


5. “Give It to Me Good” by Trixter (Amazon)

- Follow-up ballad “One in a Million” by Trixter
- You can find Trixter’s “Dial MTV” history
- Trixter member not killed in a dirt bike accident (he broke his leg)
Video for “Give It to Me Good” (Paul is Dead)
- Trixter
formed in 1983
- Edgar Winter played saxophone on Trixter’s “One Mo Time,” which was in “If Looks Could Kill” starring Richard Grieco (soundtrack also had “My Saltine” by Bang Tango)

4. “Dreams in the Dark” by Badlands

- Smoking ban
on flights under six hours
- Album “5150” by Van Halen
- Follow-up ballad “Winter’s Call” by Badlands
- Jake E. Lee, Ray Gillen, Eric Singer (former members of Ozzy’s band, Black Sabbath)
Badlands’ breakup in Kerrang!
- Rumors about Gillen’s habits after being diagnosed with AIDS

3. “Smooth Up in Ya” by the Bulletboys (Amazon)

- Bulletboys lead singer
Marq Torien (former member of King Cobra)
- King Cobra singer
Mark Free (had sexual reassignment surgery and is now Marcie Free)
- Terrible re-recorded version of “Smooth Up in Ya” (

2. “Youth Gone Wild” by Skid Row (Amazon)

- Great No. 99 hits:
“Fat” by “Weird” Al Yankovic, “In Between Days” by the Cure
- "Great" No. 98 hits: “Bizarre Love Triangle” by New Order, “Sad But True” by Metallica, “Wild Horses” by Susan Boyle
- Skid Row had hits (“18 and Life,” “Piece of Me,” “I Remember You”)
Reality show “Supergroup” (Damnocracy) (watch)

1. “Down Boys” by Warrant (Amazon)

- Justice Earl “Warrant”
- Eli Lake
- Follow-up singles: “Heaven” by Warrant, then “Big Talk” by Warrant (Flop Rock), then “Sometimes She Cries” by Warrant
- Mike Slamer of City Boy (who did the solos for Warrant)

Other proposed genre songs:
“Naughty Naughty” by Danger Danger
- “Scared” by Dangerous Toys
- “Free” by Stryper
- “Sleeping My Day Away” by D-A-D


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