Show Notes - BYR 36: I'm Bob Seger

Show Notes - BYR 36: I'm Bob Seger

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Intro song: “Everything” by FM-84 (Amazon)

- I’m
Bob Seger System of Wealth, Prosperity and Sexual Seductions
It all starts with a t-shirt
- A corporate training video (or a Tony Robbins seminar)


Yacht Rock Bone Throw: “We Were Meant to Be Lovers” by Jim Photoglo

- This is
not Yacht Rock.
- Here are
actual Yacht Rock songs by Jim Photoglo.
- Again, this is not Yacht Rock. This is Nyacht Rock.


I’m Bob Seger

Example song: “Night Moves” by Bob Seger (Amazon)

Want money? House? Sex? It’s time to get your life right with the Bob Seger System of Wealth, Prosperity and Sexual Seductions. Here’s what you have to do: First, buy a damn shirt.

The genre I’m Bob Seger feature covers of Seger songs (“The eternal soundtrack of success”), or songs that sound like Seger songs (“Proof of one big sandblast of cash and ass”). These songs have features like tons of nostalgia, a classic rock ‘n’ roll feel, blue-collar lyrical themes and a saloon piano.

- Seger
had one No. 1 hit (that was supposed to go to Glenn Frey)
The Hot Black Singles charts
- Canada loves Seger!
- Chevy truck commercials with Seger’s music

10. “Say Goodbye” by Kid Rock (Amazon)
Step 1: Offend Bob Seger so much that he helps you

- Originally version:
“FOAD” by Kid Rock
- Kid Rock is worth $80 million (he just sold a house in Malibu)
- On Wikipedia,
Kid Rock’s career is divided into eras
- “Devil Without a Cause” era Kid Rock
- Kid Rock introduced Seger at his Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction

9. “God Damn Rock ‘n’ Roll” by the Cramps (Amazon)
Step 2: Adopt Bob Seger into your lifestyle

- The Cramps are Lux Interior and Poison Ivy
- “Human Fly” by the Cramps
- Album “Stay Sick!” by the Cramps
- “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Bob Seger
- Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear

8. “Detroit Breakdown” by the J. Geils Band (Amazon)
Step 3: Think about Bob Seger’s origins every day

- Peter Wolf
is worth $8 million, despite being kicked out of David Lynch’s apartment
- Wolf was married to Faye Dunaway
- “Peter and the Wolf”
- “Centerfold” by the J Geils Band
- Seger’s origin story
- Coney dogs are from Detroit

7. “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” by Sammy Hagar (Amazon)
Step 4: Show your gratitude to Bob Seger

Sammy Hagar is an American success story
- “Blackened” by Metallica
- This is from the album “Sammy Hagar & Friends” by Sammy Hagar
White people covering Little Richard is bad

6. “Runnin’ Thru the Fire” by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band (Amazon)
Step 5: Shed your fear and face the hot fire of the I”m Bob Seger lifestyle

- Spend time on
- Here are Cafferty’s vital stats (sorry, these are for former baseball player Jason Cafferty)
- This is from
the second “Eddie & the Cruisers” movie; here’s a trailer
- Michael Pare as “Eddie” (and then in the second movie, with the mustache)
- What’s the genesis of
“the beaver brown band”?
“On the Dark Side” by John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band


50 States in 50 Podcasts: Virginia
“Worried Man Blues” by the Ralph Stanley (Amazon)

Other artists from Virginia:
The Dave Matthews Band
- The Carter Family
- Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott
- Chris Brown
- Jason Mraz
- Wayne Newton
- Bruce Hornsby
- Clarence Clemons

- Ralph Stanley
died in 2016
- “O Death” by Ralph Stanley (“O Brother, Where Art Thou?”)
- Steve is the “Samantha” of the podcast (“Sex and the City,” not “Who’s the Boss?”)


5. “Toujours Le Meme” by Johnny Hallyday (Amazon)
Step 6: Forget your native tongue

Ile de Rey (island off the coast of France)
- A cover of
“Still the Same” by Bob Seger
- Hallyday is known as “the French Elvis”
- Hallyday rides his motorcycle and stays at hotels
- “Roll Me Away” by Bob Seger (appropriate video)

4. “Factory” by Bruce Springsteen (Amazon)
Step 7: Strengthen your connection with blue-collar America

“All the Way” by Eddie Vedder (Go, Cubs, Go)
Wrigley “Park”
- “This is the greatest blue-collar anthem of all-time”

3. “Rosalie” by Thin Lizzy (Amazon)
Step 8: Believe you can improve on Bob Seger

“Rosalie” by Bob Seger (album “Back in ‘72” by Bob Seger)
Phil Lynott (lead singer of Thin Lizzy; died at age 36)
- Thin Lizzy is not from Wisconsin, but Ireland!

2. “American Dream” by Johnny Cougar (Amazon)
Step 9: Embellish every story of your youth

“Wild Night” by John Mellencamp & Me'shell N'degeocello
- Dick Cavett? Dick Sargent? Dick York? Sergeant York.
- Mick Ronson played guitar here; did Bowie indirectly create Mellencamp?

1. “Purple Rain” by Prince (Amazon)
Step 10: Transcend humanity

- Yup,
let’s exploit Prince’s death to sell t-shirts
- Dr. Fink’s story about Prince being influenced by Seger
- “Turn the Page” by Bob Seger
- How much a dose of Fentanyl costs
- Prince and Seger were inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame the same year
- The origin of this t-shirt: “A Night of 1,000 Bob Segers”

Other proposed genre songs and artists:


The Plug Hole
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- Yacht Rock Revue is playing live
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