The Lukathscore: An Introduction

The Lukathscore: An Introduction

by Sam Tonning

It is generally accepted that the rubric developed by Gene Yachtski to evaluate the absolute yacht-scale of recorded music is THE gold standard measurement. This Yachtski Scale is not in question, but I believe an opportunity for deeper understanding is possible and is what I intend to accomplish through an additional measure of Yacht: the Lukathscore.

The Lukathscore is a six-string measure of Yacht, used to understand the impact of the finest studio guitar player to have ever played in Los Angeles on recorded music. Specifically, songs on the boat that feature Steve Lukather (see note 1).

The six strings of the Lukathscore and the questions they seek to address are:

  • RAW SEXUALITY: Clearly, Lukather’s sexual release is only ever achieved through exceptional guitar soloing and tasty rhythm work. Did Steve release all over this record?
  • STRING HEAT: Is Steve’s playing so hot that he’s melting the wire on that solo?
  • BLOW ME: How much was Steve showing off?
  • SUBTRACTION: If Steve was replaced by another guitarist, would the song be better or worse? See note 2.
  • TOTIMPACT: Was this song influential to Toto’s contemporary releases? Did this session influence the smoothest hard band to have ever existed? See note 3.
  • HAIR: How does Lukather’s dominant hairstyle at the time of the recording stack up?

With these six factors, songs are awarded a score of 0 to 6 99s.

Some songs that may be Lukathed: Christopher Cross – All Right Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near) Toto – Rosanna Michael Jackson – Human Nature

Note 1: It is possible to apply the Lukathscore methodology to songs not featuring Steve Lukather. They will likely not score favorably compared to Lukather-featured recordings.

Note 2: These other guitarists will generally be one of Jay Graydon, Lee Ritenour, Walter Becker, Skunk Baxter or Joe Walsh.

Note 3: This factor will take into consideration core Toto members also appearing on the recording.

Stay tuned to the Captain's blog as Sam breaks down songs on the super clear and concise Lukathscore Scale. First post up tomorrow! -JD
The Lukathscore: Christopher Cross "All Right"

The Lukathscore: Christopher Cross "All Right"

Yacht Rock Concert Log: Michael McDonald/Austin, TX/11-06-17

Yacht Rock Concert Log: Michael McDonald/Austin, TX/11-06-17