Show Notes - BYR 42: Plot Rock - Horror Rap-Ups

Show Notes - BYR 42: Plot Rock - Horror Rap-Ups

Intro song: “Addams Groove” by MC Hammer (Amazon)

- His selling out
united a nation
- From the movie “The Addams Family”
- MC Hammer’s Taco Bell ad


Yacht Rock Bone Throw: “Who’s Right Who’s Wrong” by Kenny Loggins (Amazon)

- Rolling Stone on Loggins’ impact on Southern California music
- Michael Jackson has Yacht Rock street cred
- On the track: Richard Page, Michael Brecker
- Reminder: Loggins nailed the definition of Yacht Rock
- From the album “Keep the Fire” by Kenny Loggins


Plot Rock: Horror Rap-Ups

Example song: “On Our Own” by Bobby Brown (Amazon)
Example song: “A Nightmare on My Street” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (Amazon)

First, Plot Rock describes songs that explain the plots of movies and television shows. The artist has clearly read the script and has no other instruction on what to write. So the artist writes what happens in the movie or show.

A Horror Rap-Up is a rap song (or rap in a song) that describes the plot of a horror movie. It takes the role of the protagonist while explaining the main characters, including the villain and his motivations. The music sometimes mirrors the spooky vibe of the film. Typically, these songs are heard just after the movie ends, reminding the viewer of what he or she has just seen.

- New jack songs with raps
needed alternate radio versions because people get offended by rap (this still happens).
From the movie “Ghostbusters II”
- Bobby Brown makes a cameo in “Ghostbusters II”
- “A Nightmare on My Street” was rejected from “Nightmare on Elm Street 4”; the song’s video was destroyed
- Dave said
black people were a “vocal audience”

10. “Shock Dance” by the Dudes of Wrath

From the movie “Shocker”
- The Dudes of Wrath is a stupergroup featuring Paul Stanley, Desmond Child, Vivian Campbell, Guy Mann-Dude, Rudy Sarzo, Tommy Lee, Michael Anthony, Kane Roberts, Alice Cooper, Mitch Pileggi
- Also on the soundtrack: “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Megadeth

9. “The Crypt Jam” from “Tales From the Crypt” (Amazon)

- Created by new jack swing producer Chuckii Booker
- A lot like “Do The Bartman” (a Try-n-Rap)
- From “Tales From the Crypt” (“Demon Knight,” “Bordello of Blood”)
- The Crypt Keeper is John Kassir (also on HBO’s “1st and Ten”)

8. “Morty’s Theme” by Esham (Amazon)

- From the movie “The Fear” (Wes Craven is in the movie!)
- It’s Morty! (in a hot tub!)
- On the soundtrack: The Gravediggaz, Flatliners, ICP

7. “Maniac Cop Rap” by Jay Chattaway

- From the movie
“Maniac Cop II”
- Co-writers: Pete Levin (brother of renowned bassist Tony Levin), Wayne Lammers (their GOP parody songs; buy them today!)

6. “Lost in Time” by L.A. Posse

- From the movie
“Waxwork 2: Lost in Time”
- L.A. Posse is Dwayne Simon, Darrell Pierce, DJ Bobcat, DJ Pooh
- They worked on the album “Bigger & Deffer” by L.L. Cool J
- Album “They Come in All Colors” by L.A. Posse


50 States in 50 Podcasts: Maine
“Collide” by Howie Day (Amazon)

Other artists from Maine:
Frank Churchill

Tom’s of Maine
- Stephen King (he was in the Rock Bottom Remainders)
Patrick Dempsey, Judd Nelson, John Ford, David E. Kelley


The PlugHole
- A piece on about the guy who inspired “Kid Charlamegne” by Steely Dan

5. “Deepest Bluest” by L.L. Cool J

- "I've seen your hat ..." (J.D. with the Quayle vs. Bentsen humor)
- From the movie “Deep Blue Sea”
- Ever try shark’s fin soup?

4. “Monster Squad Rap” by Michael Sembello

- Sembello
had a more lucrative past doing movie soundtrack work
- Sembello worked with Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones
- Also, Sembello did soundtrack work on “Cocoon,” “Gremlins,” “Back to the Beach”
- Co-writer on this song: Dick Rudolph, husband of Minnie Riperton and father of Maya Rudolph
- Hollywood Steve mentions Gary Fencik from “The Super Bowl Shuffle”
- #SquadGoals

3. “Addams Family Whoomp” by Tag Team

From the movie “Addams Family Values”
- A repeat of “Whoomp (There It Is)” by Tag Team
- 95 South originally released “Whoot, There It Is”
- Later in the Tag Team oeuvre: “Whoomp (There It Went)” from Disney’s “Mickey Unrapped”
- “Addams Family Values” added a baby named Pubert

2. “Spirit” by Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew (Amazon)

- Also
from “Ghostbusters II”
- “Flip City” by Glenn Frey
- The ending with the Statue of Liberty fighting Vigo
- “Play This Only at Night” by Doug E. Fresh

1. “Are You Ready for Freddy” by the Fat Boys (Amazon)

- From the movie
“A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master”
- Actually wraps up
 “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors”
- The Fat Boys were in the movie “The Disorderlies” (and loved '60s music)

Other proposed genre songs:
“Dream Warriors” by Dokken
- Something from “Bones” featuring Snoop Dogg
- “Leprechaun Rap” from “Leprechaun 5: Leprechaun in the Hood

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