Aught Garage

Aught Garage

The guys explore the garage rock revival of the early 2000’s, focusing in on a countdown of bands whose names start with “The.”

Show Notes, by Tim Malcolm

Archivist: Tim Malcolm (Twitter: @timothymalcolm)

Intro song: “A-rab” by the Sonics (Amazon)

- The Sonics were formed in Washington in 1960
- 2000-09 has been named the Aughts (which means “anything at all”), Nils, Zips
Grandpa Simpson (“19-dickety-2”)
- Thirty Ought Six (.30-06 Springfield)
- “Hard Habit to Break” by Chicago


Yacht Rock Bone Throw: “Love Will Find a Way” by Pablo Cruise (Amazon)

- The guys
stayed on a yacht during ComicCon
- “Whatcha Gonna Do?” by Pablo Cruise
- Album “Worlds Away” by Pablo Cruise
- Pablo Cruise = not quite Nyacht Rock
- Bob James; the album “Celebrate Me Home” by Kenny Loggins (BYR episode 30!)
Pablo Cruise collaborated with Michael McDonald
- Player (“Baby Come Back”), a band that has an actor of TV and movies
- Steve and Mike Porcaro on “Worlds Away”
“I Go to Rio” by Pablo Cruise (sounds like “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow)
- Dave
celebrates Manilow’s “entire catalog”
- “I Go to Rio” (original version) by Peter Allen (No. 1 in Australia)
- “You’re Out to Lose” by Pablo Cruise (co-written by the McDon)
“Out of the Doobies”
- Rupert Holmes, Starlight Vocal Band
- Pablo Cruise are Corey Lerios, Steve Price, David Jenkins, Larry Antonio


Aught Garage

Garage rock is a sonic rawness indicative of recording in a garage. Popular in the 1960s, garage rock gave way to polished studio rock. But it found its way back into the mainstream in the 1990s thanks to a number of artists from Detroit, Mich.

Aught Garage isn’t exactly authentic garage. The DIY aesthetic of garage is traded in here for slick production, but the idea of garage rock is strong despite its inauthenticity. Artists are typically titled as The ____.

Example song: “Hey, Hey We’re the Gories” by the Gories (Amazon)
Example song: “Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth” by the Dandy Warhols (Amazon)

- The Gories
are from Detroit
- Surf rock
- MC5, the Stooges, early Bob Seger influenced Aught Garage
Mick Collins (of the Gories)
- JD’s
Camaro Summer
- Jack White
- The Nuggets compilations, previously Artyfacts (the Nugget magazine …)
- Rhino Records (not Nitro the American Gladiator)

10. “Die, All Right!” by the Hives (Amazon)

Album “Veni Vidi Vicious” by the Hives
- Recorded in Pelle’s studio
- Frontman “Howlin’” Pelle Almqvist (try it yourself; it’s not Swedish for “authentic”)
- The Hives are still around

9. “Girl is on My Mind” by the Black Keys (Amazon)

- The Black Keys introduced Steve Miller for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame (he wanted Elton John)
- Journey, not in the Hall
- The Black Keys are Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney
- The movie “The Pompatus of Love” starring Jon Cryer
- Album “Rubber Factory” by the Black Keys (recorded in an old tire factory)
Story of the formation of the Black Keys
- The Black Keys love making music for commercials (and get testy about it) (Black Keys vs. Jack White)
- Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers (drum and guitar duo in blues)

8. “Fuck the People” by the Kills (Amazon)

Bo Diddley syncopated beat (John Lee Hooker)
- The Kills are
VV (Alison Mosshart) and Hotel (Jamie Hince)
- British component in Aught Garage (
the Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, the Fratellis)
Album “Keep on Your Mean Side” by the Kills
- Toe Rag Studios in England (The White Stripes recorded there)
The Dead Weather
- Vivie’s brother was engaged to Kelly Osbourne
- Hotel was married to Kate Moss

7. “Take it or Leave It” by the Strokes (Amazon)

- Album “Is This It?” by the Strokes
- New York City Aught Garage: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Hold Steady
- Julian Casablancas’ father was a famous fashion designer
- Tom Petty wearing scarves
- Petty’s lawsuit with Sam Smith; “Last Nite” by the Strokes and “American Girl” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
- The Ramones apparently made perfect albums
- The Trump kids
- Albert Hammond Jr. (his father wrote “It Never Rains in Southern California”)

6. “Alive and Amplified” by the Mooney Suzuki (Amazon)

Album “Electric Sweat” by the Mooney Suzuki
- “Alive and Amplified” was in a Suzuki commercial, also in video games
- Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout
- Band named after two members of Krautrock band Can (Malcolm Mooney, Damo Suzuki)


50 States in 50 Podcasts: Maryland

“Crying in the Chapel” by the Orioles (Amazon)

Other artists from Maryland:
- Doom metal bands: Pentagram, the Obsessed (Scott “Wino” Weinrich)
- Toni Braxton

The Old Line State
- “Smella-ware” is real … but not feudal with Maryland
Latin translation of Maryland motto (plus, the best flag in America)
- Maryland
loves orioles
- Chop That Fish is copyright Dave Lyons
- “Crying in the Chapel” was originally written by Artie Glenn for his son Darrell Glenn
- Elvis covered it in 1965
- Early Beatles and Rolling Stones albums filled with R&B covers
- Hot Black Singles chart
- Cal Ripken and Billy Ripken (the “fuckface” baseball card)


5. “Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine” by the White Stripes (Amazon)

- Same guitar riff as “Positive Bleeding” by Urge Overkill
- “Fell in Love With a Girl” by the White Stripes
- Jack White is “the last great rock star”
- Album “Elephant” by the White Stripes
- “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes (damnit, sports)

4. “Lack of Communication” by the Von Bondies (Amazon)

- One early name of the band was the Baby Killers
- White was the Prince to the Von Bondies’ Morris Day
- Kurt Cobain spotlighting his influences
- Album “Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit”
- White and Von Bondies’ lead singer Jason Stollsteimer allegedly had a donnybrook
- Cubs fans are annoying
- “C’mon C’mon” by the Von Bondies

3. “Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)” by the Detroit Cobras (Amazon)

- Hot dog roller
- Coney dogs
- “Thirsty selfie”

2. “Ode to a Black Man” by the Dirtbombs (Amazon)

- Mick Collins is back,
and he’s black
- Genre of “brown-eyed soul”
- Dirtbombs has two bassists and two drummers
- Collins did backing vocals for Rocket From the Crypt (“On a Rope”)
- Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy (this Twitter account tweets the lyrics of "The Boys are Back in Town")

1. “You Can Rock & Roll” by the Go (Amazon)

- OK Go and the band’s visually interesting music videos
- Wikipedia entry for Yacht Rock
- Best rap songs are when the rapper is boasting about himself

Other proposed genre songs or artists:

- The Sounds
- The Paybacks
- The Vines
- “Strychnine” by the Sonics
- The Spits, the Mummies


- Yacht Rock video series
- Hosts: JD Ryznar (Twitter), “Hollywood” Steve Huey (Twitter), David Lyons (Twitter), Hunter Stair (Twitter)
- Yacht Rock on Twitter; Yacht Rock on Facebook; Beyond Yacht Rock on iTunes; Yacht Rock website

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